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What happens at prenatal visits

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If you have been a fairly healthy woman, you may not have needed many visits to a doctor, nurse practitioner, or midwife as an adult. Those visits were probably for yearly check ups or for the treatment of minor illnesses.

If that is true, you may wonder why healthy pregnant women have so many scheduled visits even when everything is progressing normally during a pregnancy. We are going to talk about why these visits are so important, what happens during the visits, and how they change depending on the age of your growing baby.

For most women, pregnancy is a very normal phase of life. We will discuss complications of pregnancy in other articles but for now we are considering pregnancies that progress normally from conception to birth. Appointments for prenatal care are less frequent in the beginning of your pregnancy and then more often as you get closer to the birth of your baby. The schedule for routine visits is listed below with information about what you can expect:

Dr. Cheryl Sharp, Chief Content Officer
Cheryl is a midwife and women's health nurse practitioner who has been caring for women, newborns, and families more than 30 years. She views the opportunity to journey with women through their pregnancy and beyond as a sacred privilege.