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One of the unique things I like about the SA app was reviewing the hospitals. I liked the articles and different topics


I really like the app, I think it's nice to have the notification for large families to let everyone know what's going on easily. I also like the daily tips and articles.


This app is fantastic! I love that not only are there pregnancy related topics, it also helps new moms (regardless of first-time or not) focus on themselves and not just our babies. As a mom of 2, I know first-hand how much effort and focus is placed on taking care of your infant, but it's important that we're not lost - if we don't care for ourselves, it's impossible to care for our little ones. Stork Advisor goes the extra mile to make sure that both baby and mommy are happy and healthy! Wish it was available when I was a brand new mom!


The app is super user friendly. The daily tips function is something that is super useful and gives a lot of postpartum advice which many apps don't give. Everything from how long to take prenatal vitamins to understanding why the newborn doesn't get bathed immediately, this app would be a lifesaver, especially for first time moms! The more advice available for expecting or new mons, the better. There are so many apps out there about baby care, but nothing until now around guiding moms during this time!


I love how this app puts all your pregnancy questions into one place to make it super convenient. The ability to communicate with friends and family right on the app and create your contact list is such a great idea! I enjoyed all the articles because I could just browse through when I had a minute and find so many topics I was curious about. Daily tips on what’s happening with your baby throughout the pregnancy is so neat and makes this a go to app for me, everything you need is in one spot including hospitals and birth center locations.