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Why Yoga?

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At some point in your pregnancy I’m sure you’ve heard about the importance of staying active. Maybe a healthcare professional or friend has mentioned that exercise has great benefits and is highly recommended. But perhaps this has left you wondering what that means exactly, and how to make space for it.

You may be struggling through a variety of different pregnancy side effects or adjusting to your new and ever-changing body as your baby continues to grow. Finding time to be active may seem like a distant and blurry idea that only super-moms can achieve. Or maybe you’re feeling extremely motivated to stay active, but unsure of how to do that safely, for both you and baby, over the next nine months. And perhaps that tension has left you frustrated, with more questions than answers.

Cue prenatal yoga.

Whether you are an active yogi, have only tried yoga a handful of times, or have never tried it at all - read on for 3 reasons why pregnancy is a great time to start a yoga practice of your own.

Beyond these three reasons, prenatal yoga offers a discipline of stillness and self care that can become your greatest benefit of all as you navigate through the physical, emotional, and mental waters of pregnancy.

Ready to give it a try? Check back on the StorkAdvisor site over the coming weeks as we will be uploading videos for you to practice with me!

I’ll meet you on your mat!

*Always talk to your doctor first before participating in any yoga practice especially if your pregnancy is high risk, if you are having twins, if your baby is breech, or if you have other medical concerns.

Karissa Micol, RYT, Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)
Karissa is a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), with a certification in prenatal yoga. She lives and teaches in Coastal Virginia, and considers it a total joy to help others in their journey of health and wellness. Karissa has her B.S. in Psychology, and is a mom of three littles. When she’s not on her mat Karissa can be found spending time with her family, testing out a new recipe, nose deep in a book, or looking for any excuse to go to the beach.