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Accepting Help from Others

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For some women, one of the most difficult things to do is to allow others to help you out. Pregnancy and postpartum are beautiful but exhausting times filled with physical demands, lost sleep, and adjustment to new roles all while thinking that you can keep up with everything else that you used to do.

During the first two weeks you and baby are getting to get to know one another, figure out feeding and sleeping schedules, and establishing some routines. It takes time to learn how baby likes to be held, where the best place to nap is found in the house, and what noise level your baby will tolerate and still sleep.

If you are blessed enough to have people offer to bring a meal, clean your house, or just hold your newborn while you shower, let them! When people ask “how are you doing”, actually tell them the truth rather than deny that you could use some help! Just saying “fine” doesn’t help anyone. They will enjoy helping and bonding with you baby and you may get some much needed rest!

Dr. Cheryl Sharp, Chief Content Officer
Cheryl is a midwife and women's health nurse practitioner who has been caring for women, newborns, and families more than 30 years. She views the opportunity to journey with women through their pregnancy and beyond as a sacred privilege.