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Sleep Deprivation

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The first 24-28 hours after your newborn is born you might be tricked into thinking that they sleep really well.

You may feel pretty confident that you birthed a child that slept through the night right out of the womb. You are the amazing mom that did that.

Then you take your baby home and you don’t sleep for 2-3 weeks straight. You are now a walking zombie. Everything is foggy, night and day blend together.

This is the point where you have to choose between a shower or a nap and you wonder if it is possible to take a nap in the shower while you eat lunch.

This is when you will lay your newborn down gently and spend 45 minutes extracting yourself from the room including dislocating your shoulder to scoot your arm out from under them and finishing up with an army crawl.

I am convinced that babies are so cute because that way you can’t get too mad at them at 2AM when they think it is play time.

Eventually your baby will give you four to six hours of sleep and you will wake up in a panic to check their breathing. You will then spend every night after trying to recreate the environment that caused them to sleep through the night.

Parent sleep is like regular sleep but without the sleep part…

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