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The Laundry Situation

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Laundry is hard to keep up with. Laundry with four kids is an impossible situation. When my fourth showed up my house just became piles of laundry.

Need a place to sit? Move the pile of laundry first.

Need to make lunch? Move the pile of laundry off the kitchen island first.

I couldn’t seem to get my act together since my new little guy showed up. I'd rather play with him than pick junk up or do the laundry. I've got six people's dirty and clean laundry scattered from one end of the house to the other.

Nobody can find their underwear or pants pretty much every single day. I kept washing the same load over and over because it would sit and start to smell. I would feel really accomplished when I turned the dryer on but then I just couldn’t seem to get past that first step of laundry.

People keep saying that babies don't keep and the laundry can wait.

Actually, this isn't true. My family needs clean underwear. There are limits to how many days you can wear the same pair.

I looked over one morning during the morning rush to see my third child standing naked in front of the dryer with his back pack on.

When you do not have any underwear left and all your pairs are in the dryer with 17 minutes left on the dryer clock and 16 minutes until the bus comes you get your back pack ready to go, pack your lunch naked and get ready to make a run for it.

Babies don’t keep. I’m just over here holding my baby buried under a pile of laundry. Send help.

Yours truly,

Stork Mama