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Natural Childbirth Training

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In preparing for my fourth delivery I decided that I wanted to do it all natural without pain medication. The first three births I had epidurals. The first epidural worked too well and I didn’t feel any blessed thing. The second epidural worked just right. I only felt a little bit of the contractions.

The third was worthless. It numbed half of my right leg and that is about it. I spent that whole birth dealing with contractions and also trying to keep my worthless numb right leg on the bed and keep it from flopping all over the place.

I decided it was time for a new adventure.

I started training for natural childbirth using Hypnobirthing exercises. You are supposed to clear your mind, get rid of all distractions, focus inward and work on relaxation.

My biggest problem? I have three children. There is no such thing as relaxation when you have children. Every time I started the exercises to practice my kids would try to join in or interrupt me.

I even tried locking myself in the bathroom but I would hear their screams and see their little fingers under the door in dire need of something they could have gotten from their father who they walked right by.

I've had three epidurals and I'm worried there is some kind of rule once you've been drugged you can't go back. If I only last ten minutes and beg for an epidural I completely blame it on my kids and their sabotage of my diligent training.

Yours truly,

Stork Mama