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The Importance of Brushing Your Teeth

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The last time I took my kids to the dentist he lovingly told me I had to watch them all brush their teeth and then I had to re-brush them afterwards, and floss them 3-4x/day.

I laughed...and then I realized he was serious. So, I just smiled and said " sure, no problem". What I really thought was "I have FOUR freaking kids, I'm pretty sure they lie 50% of the time when they tell me they brushed their teeth.

I don't even have the energy to check their toothbrushes! How the heck am I going to find hours in my day to do this amazing brushing check off you speak of?”

I am not "super mom". I spend time every morning telling my children to brush their teeth. Still I find myself in the drop off line at school realizing dragon breath child did not listen.

Here is a little life hack for you: Take an old napkin from the floor of your van, splash water from your water bottle, ground up breath mints from the bottom of your purse and mix together. Rub vigorously on teeth and rinse.

The day after the enlightening dentist appointment I was at the bus stop and noticed that my child clearly had food on his front teeth so I took his shirt, spit on it, rubbed his front teeth, and set him on the bus.

Feeling guilty about that, I decided to have a dental party after school. I brushed and flossed 2 out of 4 kid’s teeth. I'd like to think it was because I am amazing but actually I started panicking when I thought about the cost of filling all the dental cavities next visit. Really, truly panicking.

Brush your teeth,

Stork Mama