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Unicorns and Mommyhood

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I used to think of unicorns as the only possible real but not real thing in life.

And then I got pregnant.

How can something be happening to you that you can’t comprehend?

I lived through it and I’m still confused.

Now, I’m three months into this whole motherhood thing and I’ve had more moments then I can count where I find myself searching for the right words to communicate all that I’m experiencing…only to come up short. Unicorns. Mommyhood feels like unicorns.

Becoming a mom happened to me overnight, or in 17 hours if you want to be exact. Pregnant 9 months, yes- but unlike other major life changes, this one wasn’t something I could really prepare for as I would have liked. Did I have a secret Pinterest board with over 500 pins about babies and parenthood and how to get your body back from the pregnancy grave?

Yes. But did any of that help the moment they handed me my precious daughter and reality sunk in that she was mine? Not one bit. There weren’t enough pins in the world to help me navigate through the newness of this thing called motherhood. And it’s left me with these deep experiences and without the ability to communicate them. What a predicament.

So I’m sending out a simple dose of understanding today for anyone reading this.

Understanding for anyone else out there who finds themselves taking the plunge into motherhood and feels more lost than found. Anyone else out there who is trying to navigate through this new life of the deepest joys and the most confusing...well, other emotions. Anyone else out there who is trying to find their voice as a new mom. I’m with you.

Yours truly,

Stork Mama