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The Second Trimester

In this section, we will present information week by week about how your baby is growing, symptoms that you may be experiencing, thoughts to consider and tips for a healthy pregnancy.

Welcome to week twenty

Congratulations, you are now halfway through your pregnancy! You will be having your anatomy/morphology ultrasound about this time to take a close look at your baby’s heart and other vital organs.

During this ultrasound you will be able to see the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby, the blood vessels in the umbilical cord (2 arteries and a vein), take measurements of the abdominal circumference, long bone of the leg and measurements of the head circumference and brain hemispheres. Your sonographer should be able to show you the baby’s boy or girl parts!

It is a common time in the pregnancy for moms and dads to be discussing names, themes and colors for baby’s room, and making other plans for when you will bring your new baby home. You may be finally accepting that fact that there will be a new person in your family

Congratulations, you are now halfway through your pregnancy!

How my Baby Grows

Symptoms Mama may Feel or Experience

Thoughts to Consider

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Dr. Cheryl Sharp,
Certified Nurse Midwife
Chief Content Officer