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Essential Oils in Labor

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There is a growing number of women who use essential oils (EOs) during pregnancy and labor. If you are interested in learning more about them, there are many sources out there for you to explore. For this article, I will talk about the EOs that I use most with my patients as a midwife.

You can order them online and I recommend that you ask about purity, and use only therapeutic grade oils. EOs may be used topically when mixed with a carrier oil, inhaled or ingested. During pregnancy and labor I do not recommend oral use. The following oils and the ways in which they are beneficial are listed below. You may have other uses or different oils than the few listed below, and if they work for you and are safe they can be used in labor as well.

Peppermint Oil

Orange or other Citrus Oils

Lavender Oil

My recommendation is that you try these oils prior to labor in small amounts to see which ones work for you and which ones you enjoy. Please talk with you provider if you have asthma or other breathing disorders as they may irritate your respiratory system.

Dr. Cheryl Sharp, Chief Content Officer
Cheryl is a midwife and women's health nurse practitioner who has been caring for women, newborns, and families more than 30 years. She views the opportunity to journey with women through their pregnancy and beyond as a sacred privilege.