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Blowout Diaper

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First of all, I give you permission to cut that cute little outfit off of your baby.

Adjusting to going back to work with a new baby is hard. You can literally spend hours getting ready for work, getting the baby dressed, feeding the baby, burping the baby, packing the diaper bag, and packing the cooler with milk for the day.

My first-born child liked to have blow-out diapers right as I was putting him in the car seat to go to work. It would get on everything. The first time it happened to me he was laying in the crib and there was poop everywhere. I didn’t have time to give him a bath or I would be late to work. I stood there unsure of what to do and then I spied a pair of scissors nearby.

I pulled those pants off and cut that onesie right off of him. Then I bathed his body with 255 baby wipes while holding his flailing arms up so he wouldn’t smear it in his hair. Then we left the mess and I went to work. I texted my husband that he needed to come home on his lunch break in his Hazmat suit and clean up the mess because we are in this parenting gig together.

I felt pretty good about taking care of that scenario quickly and efficiently until later that morning when I saw what appeared to be chocolate on my work shirt.

Keep the scissors in the diaper bag, unless of course you have other children who may find it. It is okay to cut clothing off of your child in the middle of a massive blow out diaper situation.

Yours truly,

Stork Mama