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Your Ride to The Hospital

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I highly recommend planning your route to the hospital and going over it with your driver ahead of time. I knew someone who’s ride took a couple wrong turns and got lost on the way to the hospital because he was in a panic.

That someone was me and my ride.

I think he thought the baby was coming out immediately. Did I mention I wasn’t in labor and actually going to the hospital to be induced?

Sometimes your ride is the opposite of panicked and rushed. Sometimes you tell them it is time to go to the hospital and they think they have time to grab a shower, pack their bag, and make some coffee and a snack for themselves. Meanwhile you are doubled over with contractions and probably 8-10cm.

The last few weeks of pregnancy I like to test the responsiveness of my hospital ride. I would call them at random times and if there was no answer I would leave this message: This is a test of the emergency labor broadcast system, this is only a test. If I had truly been in labor you would have failed.

Once you have your hospital route and ride responsiveness squared away then you can focus on stocking your car with things you might need.

I would recommend:

Put those flashers on and obey the speed limit. It's Baby TIME!

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