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Breast milk provides a bounty of nutrition and essentials for your baby. So when it comes to nursing, you’ll find a breast pump to be one of your most essential wingmen. But maybe that’s also why choosing the right pump can feel so overwhelming...

To make the decision a little clearer, here are 3 things to consider before you choose your pump

1. Consider lifestyle and pumping needs

Are you out and about, working full time, or exclusively pumping for bottle feeding? You’ll want to look for a portable friendly pump to assist you in these circumstances. Or are you home mostly, nursing mostly, and bottle feeding on a rare occasion? Portability will be lower on your ‘must have’ list and you can keep your eye out for top functionality above all.

2. Consider cost and insurance coverage

Most breast pumps will be a steep financial investment so before you find the perfect one, you’ll need to decide if you are going to purchase one out of pocket or contact your insurance company to find out what they provide.

3. Consider...a few other things

Are you looking for a manual or electric pump? Do you need a single pump or double pump? Are you hoping to create a freezer supply of milk or just pump as needed along the way? Do you want to rent or buy the device?
Phew okay yes, there are so many things to consider in choosing a breast pump. With all of this in mind we’ve narrowed the list to the pumps shown below and know you’ll be on track for finding the right one for you and your baby after reading!

1. Best Overall

Spectra S1Plus Electric Breast Pump

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Why We Recommend:

The Spectra S1 is a portable and rechargeable double electric breast pump that has moms everywhere raving about its performance.

This is a closed system pump (which just means it upkeeps hygiene by preventing milk from getting into the machine) with a quiet motor and helpful additions like a timer and night light for late night pumping.

With hospital grade suction and adjustable pumping settings, be ready for big power, big results, and big reviews to match. It’s no wonder why this pump has made its way to the top of most “best of” lists.

One mom said, “Wow. Just wow. Why did I not hear of this pump sooner? Comfortable, portable, lightweight, oh- and more than double the milk!!”

2. If you need portability

Medela In Style with Max Flow

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Why We Recommend:

The Medela In Style offers hospital grade pumping with the simple touch of a button. It has 10 adjustable suction levels to support any mom’s pumping needs and mimics the way baby nurses, allowing for maximum milk production with the use of micro vibrations.

This is a double electric, closed system pump that comes with both a battery pack and a plug-in option. While it scores big in portability and production, just a heads up- it does come with a variety of different parts to keep track of and clean.

One mom said, “I absolutely LOVE this breast pump! Not only is it so light-weight, compact and easy to take anywhere, but it is also soo comfortable and helps me release all of my milk! I am so glad I got this pump! It’s very effective and pumping time is even cut shorter now so I have more time with my Little. I would recommend this to moms and new moms!”

3. When smaller is needed

Ameda MYA Portable Pump

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Why We Recommend:

The Ameda MYA is a compact, portable pump whose motor can fit in the palm of your hand. It offers a closed system, hospital grade production, and customizable settings for different times and different needs.

With a rechargeable battery you’ll have enough power for 2 hours of pumping while you’re out and about and a bountiful milk supply to show for it too.

One mom said, “This pump is great. It’s much smaller than most I have used (with three kids, I’ve used a LOT), it’s quiet, and I don’t have to find a power outlet to use the thing! The battery life is great – I charge it and can use all day while at work.

The motor is strong and gets the job done in a shorter amount of time than other brands I have tried. I would 100% recommend this!”

4. When noise reduction is important

Ardo Calypso

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Why We Recommend:

The Ardo Calypso’s claim to fame is being the quietest pump on the market. While it doesn’t have the letdown setting those other pumps offer, this pump features a total of 64 different settings, allowing it to be adjusted just perfectly to your individual needs.

The Ardo Calypso offers battery or plug in power for its compact motor and is user friendly overall.

One mom said, “This pump will exceed your expectations and more! I cannot stress enough how refreshing this pump is and stands apart from other pumps I’ve owned and used.”

5. Ease of use


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Why We Recommend:

The Unimom is a double electric breast pump that aims and achieves simplicity all around. It is portable, lightweight, and compact without compromising a powerful performance.

It can be charged anywhere with a USB cable, features a closed system with 7 different settings for massage and 9 different settings for expressing, and an LCD display screen to help with nighttime feeds.

One mom said, “I liked this breast pump the minute I opened the box. When I thought breast pump, I immediately imagined big and bulky. This pump is just the opposite.

It is so small and compact that it can easily fit into your purse! The color is pretty, and the screen is bright. I love how easy it is to operate. It comes with a generous amount of attachments so you don’t run out easily.

When turning the pump on I was surprised at how powerful it was for such a small machine. I am really satisfied with this purchase and recommend this product!!!!!

6. Pump at your convenience


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Why We Recommend:

Ready to pump anywhere, anytime with no cords or plugs getting in your way? The Elvie started a pumping revolution as the first wearable, nearly silent, compact breast pump. This simple, rechargeable pump can be tucked into your bra and only has 5 parts to clean.

It is easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to benefit from. Connect to Elvie’s app on your smartphone to track your milk production and be limitless in all your pumping endeavors. This cutting-edge technology will cost you a pretty penny, but most moms consider it worth the gain!

One mom said, “I had a hard time deciding which wearable pump to buy but decided on Elvie since it had come personally recommended by a friend.

I’m so glad I did! It’s so quiet and smaller than I had imagined but what I love most is the freedom!! It honestly is hands free and not having to take time out of my day to pump is such a game-changer I’d highly recommend this pump!”

7. For the multitasker


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Why We Recommend:

This wearable pump allows for hands-free pumping in any position with very few parts to clean. It uses Smart Suction technology to provide maximum production and leakproof pumping.

Tuck this pump into your bra anytime, anywhere, and consider using their self-sealing storage bags or reusable storage cups to save all that liquid gold. You can also connect to the Willow app on your smartphone to track your pumping history and get helpful pumping tips along your journey.

One mom said, “I absolutely love this pump. Best one in the market! Easy to clean, easy to assemble and complete freedom to multitask while pumping.”

8. An economical solution

Lansinoh SignaturePro

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Why We Recommend:

To accompany its hospital grade suction, the Lansinoh SignaturePro is known for its comfortable fit with flanges that have a soft, flexible rim.

It offers 3 different pumping styles to mimic baby’s feeding and 3 different power options to make pumping more convenient. Best of all, the price of this pump won’t break the bank, making it cost efficient and functional.

One mom said, “I spent so much money trying to buy the best things for my first born and the second time around I knew I wanted affordable but still good ..this pump is amazing!!

It does the job I pumped for the first 4 weeks after each feed and now I’m pumping twice a day and it works beautifully for the price. I highly recommend it.”