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Pregnancy Cravings

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Pregnancy is the only time you can get away with eating things like oranges smothered in hot sauce or mashed potatoes with caramel sauce drizzled on them. Or maybe you like to keep it simple and you just want to bite into an onion like an apple followed by an entire jar of pickles.

My personal favorite? Lime chips with a piece of watermelon on top. Once I ate a whole bag of lime chips and half of a large watermelon in one sitting. I had complete and total regret after I did that.

Pregnancy cravings are strange and sometimes very unreasonable. I have always felt really passionate about this topic. I remember sending my husband out to get me a hot dog with relish on it at almost midnight one night. He came back with a hot dog with no relish on it acting like it was no big deal. It was a big deal. I might have thrown that hot dog at him. In hind sight, I probably should have just sent him to the grocery store for a giant jar of relish and then smothered ketchup all over it and dug in. I didn’t actually want the hot dog. You just aren’t always thinking clearly when it comes to cravings in pregnancy.

It is important to clearly communicate what you would like to eat with your partner to avoid any mishaps. Their non-pregnant brain does not think the same way.

Whatever your pregnancy craving might be, I promise you it will be delicious!


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Stork Mama