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The First Trimester

In this section, we will present information week by week about how your baby is growing, symptoms that you may be experiencing, thoughts to consider and tips for a healthy pregnancy.

Welcome to week twelve!

This is a very important week! As you complete it you will be officially through your first trimester and at much lower risk for a pregnancy loss.

By now you are probably able to feel a little bump in your lower abdomen. A constant reminder of your growing baby. Maybe you even rub that little bump while you imagine what it will be like to hold your baby one day. Your little one is the size of a lime now and has reflexes, fingers that open and close, and a mouth that can make sucking motions. Another reason to celebrate is that the numerous discomforts of the first trimester usually resolve by 12-14 weeks.

As you complete this very important week you will be officially through your first trimester.

How my Baby Grows

Symptoms Mama may Feel or Experience

Thoughts to Consider

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Dr. Cheryl Sharp,
Certified Nurse Midwife
Chief Content Officer