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Breastfeeding Is a Superpower

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Daily “To Do” List while breastfeeding:

Everything else on your “To Do” list must be accomplished while breastfeeding…

At first I would just sit and breastfeed in my chair or bed, maybe read or watch TV as well. Then they recommended I start exercising again. When was I supposed to exercise if I was breastfeeding a baby? When was I supposed to do anything while breastfeeding a baby? My life was scheduled in 2-3 hour feeding increments. I had to step my game up. I became the ultimate multi-tasker. If there were levels to breastfeeding I would have reached the top.

I started out slow at first. Walking and breastfeeding, then I added preparing and eating meals. I mean if the baby is going to eat then I should probably eat too. Then I started vacuuming and doing laundry while the baby was in a harness breastfeeding.

At one point Amazon was dropping off a lot of packages so I had to stop shopping while breastfeeding until I got off maternity leave. One time I was breastfeeding, holding the baby in one hand, talking on the phone in the other while standing on one foot and using my other foot to break up two fighting toddlers.

There is no doubt about it, breastfeeding is a superpower!

Yours truly,

Stork Mama